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My iphone, STOLEN on Fathers Day...

My iphone, STOLEN on Fathers Day...

With all this technology and money for a phone/service, Why can't they find the time to locate a stolen iphone?


Why cant they secure the iphone from ever being used and or erase all the information on the iphone to keep our personal infomation safe?


Im sure a service provider can make a cell phone into a Anti Theif cell phone with all kinds of security features and who ever makes this phone will surely win!


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Re: My iphone, STOLEN on Fathers Day...

You can do all that stuff with the iphone. I can do it through mobileme, but I think there is an app for that also.

Look up: "find my iphone". Mine will locate, lock, and erase the device. It will also display a message on the lock screen of my choosing.
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Re: My iphone, STOLEN on Fathers Day...

Quite simply, it is not the providers responsibility.  AT&T has no (or very little) input into iOS.  Apple is solely responsible.


Apple provides MobileMe which includes the "Find my iPhone" functionality.


No carrier in the US does IMEI blocking and there are no laws requiring it.


I can only imagine the frustration and anger you are experiencing after having your device stolen, but ultimately it is up to the user to ensure there is a passcode lock on the device and the "Find my iPhone" app is set up on the device.

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Re: My iphone, STOLEN on Fathers Day...

the iPhone has all these available. Find My iPhone (free mobile me service)

Remote wipe (also from above)

Built in strong password with autowipe after 10 failed attempts.

I guess you didn't use any of those free features?
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