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My bill too high - need to cancel


My bill too high - need to cancel

May 2010 got AT&T new plan, got IPhone 3G (wanted iPhone since they first came out). Since my company offers discounts, I got over Internet. At that time Unlimited Data plan was still being offered. I got Unlimited Data, Unlimited text, Minute plan because in order to get my company discount - I was told that I couldn't get all unlimited plans. Long story short plan was to be about $110 a month plus my 19% discount each month. A week later I ordered my son an IPhone because he is in US Army and his carrier didn't have data service in Louisana where he is station. I was told by AT & T rep in store - with both lines bill would be about $147 depending on Data usage on second IPhone ( because now they no longer offer unlimited Data), fine. My son then gets Deployed to Afghanistan in October of 2010 - I'm thinking no problem. We're with AT & T the largest cellular company. Wrong! AT & T don't have an International plan nor do they offer a discounted plan for Deployed military. So, I ended up having to jump through hoops to get them to out on Military suspension. My bills were ranging from $150-$350!!! That's for 1 active line. They kept saying I was going over my minutes. I go back to AT & T store to see what suggestions I can get to try and keep bill down-change minute plan to 900 minutes (mind you I'm a texting Queen) so I still didn't understand why bill was always more than $200 for 1 line. Fourth contact (last time) with AT & T reps, on March 22,2011-this time he assured me that this plan will keep my bill down:change to 700 minutes plus add the overage minutes by paying $30 this way when and if I go over 700, I will not be charged per minute as before. I also was able to get another lphone 3GS so I could have faster and more space. He said just keep son line suspended, the IPhone 3G just pay $10 monthly phone since neither phones were not being used. Well, they got me bill still close to $200 a month. I am frustrated and just can't afford to pay that for 1 phone! I was with another cellular company where they offered $69.99 for Everything Unlimited. I didn't sign new contract with them because I got IPhone. Since I can't talk to my son in Afghanistan, oh yeah I forgot they have International plan that's $3.99 per minute!!!! Really? Who does this!!! Now, I have this IPAD2 WiFi I refuse to get service with AT&T. Since I can't seem to get a bill right at $100 and I'm being generous. I need to know how much to get out of these contracts! With what I have been paying monthly would definitely be cheaper than termination fee! Can someone please help me? I'm afraid now to terminate service because when my son do get a chance to call me-I need to be able to accept. We have been communicating via Facebook. He is my only son and I hate feeling trapped. Can someone please send me some options or suggestions.
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Re: My bill too high - need to cancel

If you signed two new contracts (one for you, one for your son) in May of 2010, that means your contract would end in May of 2012. So you have roughly 10 months left of your contract. I'm guessing you're wanting to terminate both lines? $350 (the original ETF amount) divided by two is $175 for one full year. I would guess that your ETF would be $150 per line, totaling out to roughly $300 give or take to terminate both lines of your service and cancel your contracts.

Does that sound alright with you?

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