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My at&t Samsung Skyrocket , over heating , calling quality is bad !!! 40 days old


My at&t Samsung Skyrocket , over heating , calling quality is bad !!! 40 days old


   I have an at&t Skyrocket I bought new from a local at&t corporate store in Lexington,KY ... I don't have a wireless line from at&t and I paid full price for the device with is $499.99 ........ However , starting sometime now I have the device over heating so much especially after few minutes of use and the device starts to feel sluggish in the meanwhile , I tried to delete all my apps again and do a soft reset and returning the device to factory defaults and wipes everything , didn't work .. deleted all my apps again and just the factory apps and the same thing happens !! then I tried to pull the battery out and SIM to reset it , noticed some burning marks on the SIM card !! returned everything again and powered on , the same heating after some phone calls and net browsing ... Also the calling quality is horrible and the sound is muffled I can't clearly understand my callers ... Now the phone is 1 month and 10 days old (so out of the first month customer satisfaction) but clearly has a problem ... The att store where I bough the device from were rude and they refused doing anything , they said call att (which then they did them selves and told me that att also refuses exchanging the device because I have no att account !!

Then I talked to the manager who told me my only option is to contact Samsung ... That's all !!! now I know that Samsung has the worst customer support from a previous experience with them PLUS I have to mail the device to them PLUS even if they decide to do something they will send me a refurbished device !!! now I didn't pay $500 + and after 40 days I would get a REFURB !!!

Now please if I can get an advice , and especially from any att rep who can clear this issue for me ..Thanks

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Re: My at&t Samsung Skyrocket , over heating , calling quality is bad !!! 40 days old

I received your private message and replied. 


As I noted this morning, since you are not an AT&T customer and the 30 day return period has elapsed; you will need to work with Samsung directly on this issue. Since they are the manufacturer, they need to handle your concerns under the manufacturer's warranty. I have arranged that for you and hope that you'll return to this thread to update us on how it worked out!


As of May 1st, I am no longer serving as the Community Manager for AT&T. This account will no longer be able to accept private messages.

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