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My Story with the Microcell


My Story with the Microcell

I live in a town that has coverage...but its quality is in the gray area...or rather in the darker black of the grays... dropped calls, unsent text messages, slow speeds.. basically everything you don't want for your phone to do. We have had AT&T since 2003 and have seen "some" improvements in my area but still not reliable enough to maintain phone calls with out the drop. Eventually I got fed up and search online for cell boosters ont he internet, you have anything from $15 car boosters to $1000s and $1000s of systems you could install in our home which I don't have the money to buy. So I eventually heard rumors about the AT&T 3G Microcell and I thought the days and nights of frustrations would be over!!! After waiting well over a year and a half of checking the internet every day it finally came out and boy was I happy! But sadly my hopes were pretty much crushed...and I was filled with so much disappointment. Calls are dropped - weather directly off the microcell or from trying to be switched to a cell tower - weather im 10-15 feet from the microcell or walking out of the area it covers. I will say it does wonders for texting but sending pictures take forever because the upload speeds seam to cap off at 50kbs. I don't really care about internet speed because I have high speed wifi. Hopefully one day my frustrations will be put to rest, I'll keep trying to find ways to improve my coverage, weather it be microcell 2.0 or the fairy tail of a cell tower. But as of now and the last 8 years of having AT&T me and my family have been unhappy with our home coverage. Hopefully AT&T will see the response of all of us and continue to make their service better.

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Re: My Story with the Microcell

Let me guess... iPhone?

If so, join the rest of us about 5 threads down in the one about call placement delays.
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