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My Simple Mobile Suggestion.


My Simple Mobile Suggestion.



I think its Time for me to get a new carrier and I need your advice

 thanks god I am out of contract  Smiley Happy 

paying over 170.00 per months ( 2 iphones ) and always having dropped calls and coverage issues in my house, And ATT wants to charge me for a 3g micro cell.


I am planning to buy 2 unlocked iphones from the apple store ( 4s )

what its the best carrier options ???? ( I need unlimited data plan for both iphones + talk ......)

do you suggest My simple mobile as carrier ?????  

Some people complaint about  my simple mobile   internet speed . Its really something that affect call quality and  basic internet use like facebook email.......?????


Any other carrier that you suggest for iphone that has unlimited data plan????





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Re: My Simple Mobile Suggestion.

The only other GSM carrier that you can use an unlocked iPhone with in the US is T-mobile, and the iPhone doesn't support their fast network speed. You'll only get EDGE data speed with T-mobile.

Neither Verizon or Sprint allow the use of phones that aren't bought for use on their network and Verizon doesn't have unlimited data anyway.
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Re: My Simple Mobile Suggestion.

I wouldn't recommend Simple Mobile because they are an MVNO that runs on T-Mobile's towers, which means that you will only get Edge speeds for data.  If you are interested in an MVNO, I would look at H20 Wireless, because they run off of AT&T's towers, and you should be able to get 3G speeds on an iPhone.

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