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My Microcell Is Going Back Today


My Microcell Is Going Back Today

Fortunately AT&T lets you return these things within 30 days. Perhaps if I had read the messages on this forum I might not have purchased this in the first place, but I did give it a fair workout for my 30 day period.


Frankly, I find the AT&T Microcell, and AT&T's non-existent response to it's problems to be dangerous and a class action suit waiting to happen. I however, won't be around to take part in it.


It's only a matter of time before we read a newspaper report about someone who was dialing 911 on a Microcell, only to have the call fail the first couple of times and then finally connect after about 20-30 seconds on the third try. From the messages on this forum, this is not an isolated instance. And for me, taking 20-30 seconds to connect and often failing is a daily occurrence.


Then there's the matter of the our iPhones, especially at the start of the day, being connected to the very weak AT&T network and not the Microcell. Another daily occurrence, receive a call, have it fail and discover I'm connected to the AT&T network, not the Microcell I'm standing next to.


Then there's the quality of the call itself; frequently breaking up, not being clear on the other end. And don't tell me it's my internet connection speed. I have WAY more than the minimum requirements posted for this device.


Finally, there's the concept behind it that makes all of these problems really grating. I have to use up my own internet bandwidth (which is monitored by my ISP) and pay for my own bandwidth in order to pay $199 for a device that allows me to use the AT&T cellular service that I am already paying for. I'm taking pressure off their network and paying for the honor of doing so.


So I've decided, for the time being,  to live with the 1-2 bars and flaky service I have in my new home and wait for the expected tower improvements in my area in the next year. Fortunately we are only here part time and will return shortly to the land of full bar strength.


I hope that others who are considering the Microcell, or still have time left in their 30 days window will read this (and other posts here) before making the same mistake.

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Re: My Microcell Is Going Back Today

You might try a booster in the meantime. I used the ZBoost YX510 before we bought the Microcell, and it seemed to make a difference for us. There are even better ones than that you can buy.


A booster is far more expensive than a Microcell, and a bit more difficult to install, but at the moment at least, the end result works better.


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