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My Go Phone Rate Plan...

My Go Phone Rate Plan...

I have now....

Daily Access Fee $2.00 Charged only on days phone is used to place or receive a voice call, including calls to voice mailbox, use IM, send a text, picture/video/sound message.


BUT I get a notice after sending a picture that Ive been charged for that particular text with picture!!!

WHY is this happening???

Anyone help me out here??



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Re: My Go Phone Rate Plan...

Assuming you sent the MMS to another US cell phone number or an e-mail address, contact customer service (1-800-331-0500 or 611 from your cell phone) and ask that they refund the charge for the MMS.  You'll need to state "more options" at the first menu prompt of the automated system and then say "customer service" at subsequent menu prompts; after a few, the system will connect you with a live rep.  (Although the $2/day plan includes text and IM to 100 other countries, MMS outside of the US is not included - if that's the situation.)

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