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My Convo With a CSR - Must Read


My Convo With a CSR - Must Read

Kinda long, but worth it just to show how little AT&T cares about customer relations....



I'm not sure how so many of you were able to cancel your preorders.  I tried twice in store, once on the phone with a CSR and finally once on chat.  I never once was given the opporutunity to cancel and pick up a phone in store, no matter how hard I pressed.  


And yes, I do spend over $3000 per year.  4 cell phones, internet, home phone, data plans, etc.


And on to the chat convo:

Me: I'm trying to figure out why I didn't get my iPhone today.


Rebeccah {personal information removed for safety}Hello Mr. XXX, I apologize you didn't get your iPhone today. Please allow me one minute to look into this.


Me: Ok thanks


RebeccahDid you order online or over the phone?


Me: At the store, 12:22 pm Central time

Me: From what I've been told, all orders before 4PM should have been shipped today.


Rebeccah Benoit: I understand, thank you. Just be one more moment please.


Me: Ok thanks.


Rebeccah : No problem.

Rebeccah : Okay Mr. XXX I do extremely apologize the order status is still showing in progress. It looks like it did go into back order and the expected delivery time frame would be 14-21 days from the day it was ordered. I can get the website we have available to keep track of your order so you can see when it does ship. Just one moment while I get it.


Me: I guess my question is, if I got my order in before the 4pm cutoff, why did mine go to backorder?


Rebeccah : Yes I'm sorry and I understand your concern at this point there was so many orders placed on that day that not all were able to make it out. We really are sorry for the inconvenience and are trying to ship all orders as soon as possible.


Me: Ok, But if my order was placed before 4PM, why was mine not shipped?  I've been told that any that got in before 4 were shipped


Rebeccah : It has not been shipped, I apologize as I said it is in progress and at this point there is nothing we can do to ship it faster or we would. I am so sorry we did believe we had the shipping time frame correct but there has been some issues, it is not only you Mr. XXX and again we do apologize but at this point all we can do is wait.


Me: Ok, well why can't we cancel the preorder so that I can pick it up at a local store?  My local store is in XXXX. If you can cancel my order and confirm with them that they still have some in stock, I'll be glad to go pick it up there.


Rebeccah : I am extremely sorry but we are not able to cancel orders.


Me: Why not? If you guys can't get me the preorder, why can't I go to the local store and get it?


Rebeccah : It is already in progress there is no way to cancel it, I understand the position you are in but there is no way to get around this Mr. XXX we want to help you. At this point all we can do is wait. I'm sorry.


Me: It's not in progress, it's "processessing." You can stop the process and I can go get one from the local store.


Rebeccah : I am sorry there is nothing that can be done right now Mr. XXX.


Me: That just doesn't make sense to me. The whole point of a "Preorder" is for me to get it the day it comes out, not 14-21 days afterwards


Rebeccah : Mr. XXX, as I said there is nothing we can do to avoid this or we would.


Me: You're a multibillion dollar company there is a way you guys can make this right.  If nothing else, refund some of my money. Be fair, and treat your customers better.  What's the point of me preordering if I could have gone into a store and gotten it today?


Rebeccah : Mr. XXX, again I understand where you are coming from but you need to understand we cannot change this. Not everything went smoothly like we hoped and I know it is a huge inconvenience to so many customers, but at this point we just have to wait.


Me: Ok, but that didn't answer either of my questions.


Me: What was the point of preordering if I could have just gone into a store and gotten it today?  I can go right now and walk into my local store and pick it up, but you wont let me.


Me: You could cancel the preorder and I could walk into my local store and get it.  I've already paid for it. It's mine, but you wont allow me to get it for some reason.


Me: You've got to admit that this makes no sense.  I've been a loyal customer for over 10 years and I pay over $3000 a year to you guys in bills.



Rest of convo will appear below.  Too many characters for one message.

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Re: My Convo With a CSR - Must Read



Rebeccah : Because it is in progress, it hasn't shipped but it is in progress we have no way to cancel the order, and the store will not be able to give a free iPhone when you have one ordered. I know that we should of had it to you today, and I know your a loyal customer. As I stated if we could help we would.


Me: $3000 a year and you can't make this right? How is that good customer relations?  I don't want a free iPhone, I've already paid for one.


Rebeccah : There is nothing that can be done. We would help you if we could.


Me: So that's it? I give you guys $3000 dollars a year and all you can do is say "There is nothing that can be done."  Look at it from my point of view, you know all that statement would do is make you angry.

Me: Also I've spoken to other people who have told me that they were able to cancel their preorders and pick one up in store. Here's the link:

Me: That's an entire thread on one of your message boards about customers who were able to cancel their preorders and go pick up one in the store.


Rebeccah : They called the store they placed the order from if there is any possibility to cancel I would call them. I don't think they will be able to but I am not a store agent so I wouldn't know 100%. Do you want me to look up the number to the store you ordered from?


Me: I called my store and they were uncooperative. I was hoping if you would do it, they'd listen since you're an official AT&T voice.

Me: I'm not upset at you, just upset at AT&T for this giant cluster of awfulness that has gone on today.  This has been one big failure on their part and one way they could make it right is to allow those who have their preorders on backorder to go pick them up in store.

Me: If my phone is on backorder, it could be cancelled. If you guys can't cancel an order, then you are the only company in the history of companies that has never been able to cancel an order.


Rebeccah : I cannot call, I'm sorry. I have no ability to cancel an order and if the store is saying they can't then they probably can't. Mr. XXX I really do understand how frustrating this must be but at the same time if there was a way to resolve this for you I would. There is really nothing that can be done except wait.


Me: There is something that could be done, make it right.

Me:  If I'm giving you guys $3000 a year, at least give some of that back for the giant headache I've gotten from this massive failure on AT&T's part.


Rebeccah Benoit: Mr. XXX we cannot adjust for this issue. Like I said there are multiple customers with the same concerns and we have informed it is first come first serve.


Me: That's a complete lie, it's not first come first serve, if it were I'd have mine by now.

Me: I preordered on the 7th and I don't have mine.  Some people walked in off the streets today and got theirs, how is that first come first serve?


Rebeccah : For the preorders, it is first come first serve.


Me: How is that fair?  What was the point?  Just admit that ya'll dropped the ball on this.

Me: If you can't do anything for me, then why should I keep you guys next time as my cell provider?

Me: Seriously, why should I stick with you guys? If you can't admit that you made a mistake, and you can't right a wrong, then why should I continue to give you guys my $3000 a year?


Rebeccah : Oh I admit that this is not your fault at all this is not something we intended on doing and if we could fix it we would. I know it is a mistake because we did expect the orders to be out on time. As I said there is a lot of others that were put on back order as well, but there is nothing we can do to change that.


Me: Wow, way to avoid the question.  I never suggested it was my fault, not sure why you felt the need to "admit that it wasn't my fault."

Me: If you can't make this right, I'm out. Next time my contract comes up, I'm switching.  It's not your fault, it's your companies. 


Rebeccah : I am sorry you feel that way, but yes as I said multiple times this is an error in our end and I am not trying to hide that I just want you to understand that there is nothing we can do right now, and we really are sorry because this was not intended.


Me: It was a good 10 years until today. Deuces.




 I will say that Rebecca did a good job as far as her politeness.  Other than that, toeing the party line and refusing to help me did her and her company no favors.



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Re: My Convo With a CSR - Must Read

The sad part is she is just an employee making minimal pay and can't make decisions for a multibillion dollar company. She has to read from a script and be a puppet on a string for 8hrs. If you were to have this same conversation with her when she is not working I can guarantee it would be different. She knows AT&T sucks, but of course she can't say anything. The ones that could actually make a difference just landed their leer jet in Maui talking on their new iPhone 4S that we pay for celebrating the success of 200,000+ people that pre-ordered and didn't get their {word filter evasion} phone.

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Re: My Convo With a CSR - Must Read

I agree Jayme, and I really tried to express that, but then she kept saying she couldn't cancel my backordered preorder even though I knew that was a lie. AT&T's excuses and stall tactics are what got me so fired up. It's ridiculous
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Re: My Convo With a CSR - Must Read

Wow!! That just shows {Please keep it courteous} by taking your anger and frustration, cuz you can't have your new toy on the first day, on a poor CSR. I don't know if you been in on a launch day for an iPhone but that's unfortunately what happens some times. You will get your phone and after you have your new phone for a day or 2 you're going to say, Boy what did I get all upset about! Then you hopefully will feel bad about the way you treated her when her hands were tied and she was very nice to you because I wouldn't have been so nice!

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Re: My Convo With a CSR - Must Read

Her hands weren't tied, she could have cancelled the order and allowed me to go to my local store and pick it up.  She lied to me, as did her company.  I had every right to be upset, but as I told her, I was upset with her company and not her.  Sorry you failed to see that, you must have skipped right over that part.



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Re: My Convo With a CSR - Must Read

I think this calls for Rangu's Law..
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Re: My Convo With a CSR - Must Read

How do you know what she can and can't do? I have people who work under me that don't have the ability to do things I can do. They don't have "rights" in our computer system. There are things that they can do but would be terminated if they did. I would love to know how you KNOW what she can and can't do. Please enlighten us!
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Re: My Convo With a CSR - Must Read

I'm with Facci on this one.


While I'm in the same backorder-{word filter evasion} boat as the OP, I thought the CSR was as polite as could be.  She's probably some near-minimum wage worked whose primary skill set is maintaining her cool when being attacked by unsatisfited customer after unsatisfied customer.


I seriously doubt that all the CSRs are enjoying this.  I don't think it's party-time at the AT&T help desk.  What?  You think, after this call, that your CSR jumped up, looked over her cubicle walls, and yelled, "Hahaha!  I got another one!  I'm on a roll today!"?


Seriously.... no one wants us to all have our stupid phones more than the CSRs, so they can go back to 1/10 the calls they had before.  If she had a way to help, she would have done it.

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Re: My Convo With a CSR - Must Read

I love these forums because I can come on here and help others and get help myself when I need it. I always dread this time when the new phones get released and a ton of NOOBS come on here to just complain about how I can't have my new iphone NOW!!! In a matter of days after getting the new toy you will not even remember how mad you got. It's really annoying because after these people are done whining and crying in a week or two most will just disappear. I know you are excited to get your iphone but it's just a phone and everyone needs to calm down.
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Re: My Convo With a CSR - Must Read

Red_star wrote:

Her hands weren't tied, she could have cancelled the order and allowed me to go to my local store and pick it up.  She lied to me, as did her company.  I had every right to be upset, but as I told her, I was upset with her company and not her.  Sorry you failed to see that, you must have skipped right over that part.



Unless you actually worked in the company you have absolutely no clue what a tier 1 csr can and cannot do, they are govened by rules and regulations that are creted by upper mamangement of the company, violation of those rules with out specific written  authorization from upper mamangement can lead to termination of employement - sorry but in todays economy that chance is not worth kowtowing to the demands of someone calling in. 

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Re: My Convo With a CSR - Must Read

You're right. I don't know what she can do, but I know what the company she works for can do, and she's a representative of that company.

AT&T could have cancelled my preorder and allowed me to pick it up in store, but for whatever reason, neither she or her company would allow that to happen.

What does her pay matter? Whether she makes minimum wage or $40 an hour, what does that matter? Why even bring that up?

Your statements are meant to absolve AT&T of blame, and thats not good for anyone. If we want our economy to get out of the tank, companies like AT&T need to step their game up. Theyre not doing themselves any favors by acting the way they've acted.

If she couldnt cancel my preorder, she could have found someone that could have. But she didn't. She allowed a 10 year customer to leave upset because she didn't want to do something as simple as canceling my preorder (which has been proven possible.)

Look I'm not some spoiled brat who just wants a new toy. My iPhone 3G is on it's last leg. It dies within 3 hours of coming off the charger and crashes daily. It's an actual need for me. It allows me to do my job faster and more efficiently, and that's why I preordered.

She could have helped me but she didn't. She literally offered me no solution. None. Why wouldn't I be upset about that?
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Re: My Convo With a CSR - Must Read

It probably would have been less infuriating if she said "there is nothing I can do" instead of continually saying "we" would do it if we could, there is nothing "we" can do, etc. She is claiming AT&T can't make their system fulfil your request, when it's a management decision. 


The most important thing to a carrier is getting people under contract, not selling any particular device. They don't make money on devices. So they purposely decided not to cancel preorders they couldn't meet. They put them "in process" rather than back-ordered.


If they allowed you to cancel, their stores would run out even more quickly and they'd have to turn away customers in the store, ready to sign a contract. Many would go somewhere else and pick up a Verizon or Sprint phone because that's what's available and they are like you -- they want the 4S right now. If the pre-order customer cancels, he has the opportunity to go with a competitor too.


The preorder customer is a bird-in-hand. The in-store customer is a bird almost in hand. They are going to try to keep both of them. The CSR apparently had no ability to override the policy. She probably got penalized for spending extra time with you.


I'll bet the same complaints are being posted in Verizon and Sprint discussion forums.

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Re: My Convo With a CSR - Must Read

Hello everyone, let's remember to stay on topic and always keep it nice. Thank you.

Remember to always mark items that you find useful as "Accepted Solutions”, you can even mark multiple
in a single thread.  This will help other users find this information too!!

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Re: My Convo With a CSR - Must Read

I'm in the same boat as the OP. I don't care about getting the phone RIGHT NOW. There is only one thing in this world that angers me, and that's being lied to, which is exactly what AT&T is doing right now, and I will not stand for it. I'm going to get my preorder cancelled one way or another, and I don't care how many stores I have to go to or how many times I have to call customer support. Other people are getting their preorders cancelled, and they told me when I placed my order that I could cancel any time before it SHIPS, not before it's PROCESSED...

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