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Music as alarm on Glisten?


Music as alarm on Glisten?

Is there a way to make a music file the alarm tone on the new HP Glisten?  Right now I only have the option to use the pre-installed HP alarms/sounds. 
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Re: Music as alarm on Glisten?

I don't have a Glisten, but many Windows Mobile devices, you need to move/copy the sound file into the My Documents\My Ringtones or My Documents\My Music folder on the device.  (Not on the memory card, if any are inserted.)  Some devices are also limited to the max size of the sound file.  (Samsung used to have a limit of 300kB.)  So you may need to run the sound file through an editor (for example Audacity) in order to copy just a section of the sound file, if necessary.  Hopefully, that's not something that HP or AT&T crippled.
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Re: Music as alarm on Glisten?

I have been able to use a wav file for the alarm.  You must put it in the "Windows" directory of the phone for it to be recognized on the alarm dropdown and it must be in the .wav format.

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Re: Music as alarm on Glisten?

I'm not sure about the music as an alarm, but if you find out how to shut off the start-up and shut-down sounds on the Glisten I would sure like to know.  The sounds are awful.  Especially when the battery starts to die and you're at a funeral.

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