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Music Player woes


Music Player woes

I have a Pantech Ease and am having some trouble getting on board with Pantech's onboard music player. The major issue is navigating my playlists, especially the now playing list. Is there any way to quickly access the current playlist that is "now playing" so I can jump to specific songs in the list without going through several steps in the library? This is especially an issue for longer playlists as the library does not let you quick zip through the songs; you have to painstakingly scroll through each song.


The other thing, somewhat less annoying I guess, is that the max playlist size appears to be only 300 songs. I don't suppose there is a way around that?


If anyone knows a way around these limitations, or perhaps a compatible sideloaded music player that can handle these functions, please let me know. Another option is to return the phone for a Samsung Flight II, but I have heard poor reviews for that player, too. If you have experience with that device I'd be happy to read your comments. I had a Sony Ericsson, and it handled all these functions fine, but sadly, it broke. Thanks.

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