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Music ID

I had the Music ID2 app on my phone.  However, I also had other apps that I wanted taken off so ATT blocked them & then I noticed I no longer had Music ID2.  I tried downloading it again and it still tells me that my account has expired and AT&T says that there isn't anything they can do that I would need to contact Music ID.  Does anyone know how to send them a message or call them?  Or what I can do to fix my problem.  I've been lost without my Music ID.   Please help!!

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Re: Music ID

The third-party vendor for MusicID 2 is Shazam Entertainment. You should be able to look them up online and find a contact number. . To my knowledge we do assit with billing for third party subscriptions . You can log into   and see if your currently subscribed through att  to the music id2 servce.  You never mentioned where and how you dowloaded the app or what phone your using. If you downloaded it from itunes or some other thrid party app site, then you can contact them for support. But, for apps downloaded from atts Appcenter


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Re: Music ID

thank you so much for responding!  I have a Motorola Karma and the Music ID app. icon was on my phone when I bought it.  I clicked on it and downloaded it that way.  So should AT&T be able to help me?

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