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Move to ATT with unlocked device? I


Move to ATT with unlocked device? I

I've been preparing to move to at&t with the new unlocked samsung note. It is scheduled to be picked up by at&t in the spring so has all of the frequencies for 4 g plus. My question is just because the chip is capable of at&t xfastest 4G plus speeds will it automatically access those speeds? I have heard that because it's unlocked at&t won't recognize it as the highest and smart phone and saw that might not be possible. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Re: Move to ATT with unlocked device? I

You may have to manually enter the APN in order for data to work but you will not have problem seeing full '4G' speed. Many ppl imported Galaxy S2 to be used on AT&T network before AT&T released its own verison.

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