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Motorolla atrix 4g


Motorolla atrix 4g

I just got my new phone the Motorolla atrix 4g. When I turn it on I can not get to any screen except the turn on screen.....what am I doing wrong? I can call the phone and then get to the home screen but when I first turn it on nothing I touch will do anything. HELPPPPPPPPPPP

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Re: Motorolla atrix 4g

Are you "swiping" the little padlock towards the right to "unlock" it?



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Re: Motorolla atrix 4g

If your using the phone for the very first time you will need to set up the phone by entering your e-mail address.

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Re: Motorolla atrix 4g

I think the OP can't get past the turn-on screen, therefore won't be able to enter an email address. AFAIK an email address is not required to reach the Home Page screen, just swipe the padlock to the right.



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Re: Motorolla atrix 4g

Are you tapping the button on the top of the phone to 'wake it up'.

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