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Motorolar Razor: Can't send or receive picture messages


Motorolar Razor: Can't send or receive picture messages

I've had this phone for a year or two but recently subscribed to text/pic messaging.  Texting works fine but this week for the first time I tried to picture message.  Wouldn't work.  Couldn't receive either.


The steps that led me to the solution is as follows:

1. My cellph provider rebooted the phone. Still didn't work.

2. Took phone to provider and they reloaded the software "template".  Still didn't work.

3. A savy salesman at the ntelos store where I bought my phone checked a few things on the account

and found that when I first bought the phone a year ago the sales clerk input the wrong "model #" into the form on the computer screen  This matters.  Apparently the picture messaging software did not recognize this as the model for this phone and thus the template loaded was the wrong one.  Model number recorded must match model # on phone. 12/28/2010 mc

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Re: Motorolar Razor: Can't send or receive picture messages

 My guess is one of two possibilities:

1) The phone is not an originally-branded-as-AT&T phone, so its internet settings are not properly configured.

2) Data access feature is not currently enabled on your device. Even without a data plan, your phone must be able to connect to the internet to send or receive data (which media messages contain.) Can you connect to MediaNet? There is no charge for data usage when only using it to send/receive media messages.

 Either can be resolved by contacting AT&T by calling 611 on your device, or by calling 800-331-0500 from another phone.

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