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Motorola Flipout Email help.


Motorola Flipout Email help.

Any sbcglobal users.  


I went through customer support by phone, we got my email setup on my mobile, I can now receive email from my account, but the phone won't send email.  I get an 'Authentication error' notification.  


Can anyone confirm the 'Outgoing server'?  


SMTP server:





I'm not sure if 'Authentication error' has anything to do with the Outgoing server settings.  Maybe other sbcglobal users are on another server as well?

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Re: Motorola Flipout Email help.

Did they have you try your sbcglobal smtp?


The is AT&T's own server that they use if your outgoing server has issues sending your e-mails.


Are you receiving/sending e-mail from your sbcglobal e-mail address?


Also, in case you have a different local provider:


    SBC Global Ameritech:
    SBC Global Flash:
    SBC Global NVBell:
    SBC Global Pacbell:
    SBC Global Prodigy:
    SBC Global SNet:
    SBC Global SWBell:
    SBC Global Wans:
    SBC Global Yahoo!:

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Re: Motorola Flipout Email help.

I was able to receive email from my sbcglobal email on the phone, but unable to send email from the phone.  


I was on the phone with att, they created a case to look into the issue.  I later received an email saying the case was resolved, but was still unable to send email from my phone.  


Eventually I deleted the email account from my phone and re added.  


My first attempt adding an email account did not work and was on the phone to get the manual setup (when I first got the phone & before they created a case about my email sending issue).  


Second attempt adding email (after deletion and email of case resolved) on the phone, it went smoothly with the automatic setup.  And now I can send email from the phone.  


So somewhere in there something got fixed.


Thanks for your reply though.

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Re: Motorola Flipout Email help.

The email settings on a mobile device like android phone tend to be a bit different from the settings used for desktop applications.

Glad you got it to work.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Motorola Flipout Email help.

Yes, that's true.


I have (Cox Communications) for my ISP and I'm in their East area. On every other platform I can use the, but on my mobile for some reason I have to use their west. Everything works fine with that setting, though. Odd.

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