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Motorola Backflip


Motorola Backflip

I've currently upgraded my system to the 2.1. I'm having alot of problems though. The phone freezes alot. it is getting to where I can't even make a call without the phone freezing before it decides to dial anything or it just returns me to my home screen without dialing. My apps aren't working like they used to. Is this the phone or because of the system upgrade? How can I correct this problem?

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Re: Motorola Backflip

Did you do factory reset after the update to 2.1? If not, I would suggest doing one to remove all leftover code from the previous version and any application incompatible settings.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Motorola Backflip

I'm still struggling with this several months down the road after the update. The only advice that AT&T or Motorola gives is to do a factory reset. It will be fine for a while and then the vicious cycle happens over and over again. And it's not just mine. My partner's phone has the same problems and people are complaining all over Motorola's support site. I can't even answer calls reliably half the time (that is when the phone bothers to ring and alert me to a call at all). Contacts rarely come up. Texts arrive days later. I'm sorry I ever purchased this phone. And since I'm not eligible for an upgrade (my contract is only a bit over a year old) I'm stuck with it.


I'm actually considering just eating the early termination fee and going elsewhere.

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Re: Motorola Backflip

do a factory reset, it will make it work for a few days.

i reset my current backflip (on my third, due to the phone keep freezing among other problems.)

but it has gotten to the point where i can not reset it manualy or the backup way. and at&t are being no help what-so-ever appart from offering me another backflip which will end up having the same problem

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Re: Motorola Backflip

my issue has now been resolved. i have been granted an 'emergancy contract upgrade.' which will allow me to order another phone (that isnt an iphone.) although, i was only 2-3 months away from an upgrade...

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