Motorola Backflip vs. Motorola flipside


Motorola Backflip vs. Motorola flipside

My Backflip recently broke (the screen is only 25% readable) and since I have insurance on my phone, I called to order a new one. I was going to call anyway b/c I was running into a problem needing to charge the phone several times daily, the back comes off frequently throughout the week, and the back has been very hot to the touch. I'd say I use my phone VERY LITTLE in comparison to everyone else in my home, so I found the charging issue mysterious, especially since it just started happening and I've had the phone 9 months or so...


Anyway, AT&T said that they could no longer replace this phone, but they'd be sending me a comparable phone, and it will be the Flipside. Can anyone fill me in on the differences/similarities and if you know, which phone is a better phone? I've been pretty happy w/ my phone and it does allow me to stay in touch pretty easily, but what I've just read on this forum about the Flipside worries me.



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