Motorola Atrix code not working


Motorola Atrix code not working

Hello All,


I was on the phone with AT&T and was supplied with unlock codes for a Motorola Atrix 4G that I purchased from them.


However, the codes do not seem to work,


Has anyone had this issue in the past?


What reasons can there be for it not unlocking the handset to be Simfree?


I am traveling abroad and would like to use this handset.


Any information on the topic would be heavily appreciated.



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Re: Motorola Atrix code not working

Contact customer care.

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Re: Motorola Atrix code not working

Hard to believe that should make a difference as they provided me with the code but i will try. 


Is it true that if u attempt to unlock 5 times with a wrong code then u can never unlock it?  seems silly to me.

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