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Motorla Atrix 4G - Best phone EVER!


Motorla Atrix 4G - Best phone EVER!

I've read negative comments about this phone's speaker - NOT TRUE! It's clear as a bell and there IS a volume control. Assigning ringtones to specific contacts is EASY!


I was worried about going over my data usage in my plan, and that was easy to take care of too: Settings/Data Manager/Data Delivery/Uncheck Data Enabled. That assures me that I will not be able to access the internet unless I am no WI-FI. I recommend this phone to anyone and everyone. Internet radio is terrific; I could go on and on and on, but you get the idea. It's GRRRREAT! Free wallpaper and ringtones for the phone can be downloaded at


AND uploading ringtones (128kbps mp3's/25 seconds+) to the memory card is simple as well. Make a directory structure on your SD card like this: SDCard (top level of SD card): Media (create this directory); Audio (create this folder inside Media); Inside Audio create these two folders; notifications and ringtones (These 2 directories are in the Audio folder) - THEN put your mp3 in the appropriate folders and they will now show up when selecting ringtones or notifications

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