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Moore Business Systems Prepay and an unauthorized charge in addition to my order???


Moore Business Systems Prepay and an unauthorized charge in addition to my order???

I must tell you, I was beyond irate after dealing with ATT over the last 24 hours. I ordered a gphone yesterday, along with a $50 card. My order came to a total of $79.49.


When I woke up this morning, I was checking my bank account...ATT charged me the above amount, but in addition, charged me an extra $53.00 in a seperate charge that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE!

Now, I understand that the charge is pending, but pending or not, when you submit a charge to a bank/credit card company, it puts those funds on HOLD. Now, thanks to ATT, I may very well end up overdrawn, as I did have outstanding checks.


I called ATT, and spoke to a young woman that sounded like it was her first day. She claimed it is "normal" for ATT to charge extra amounts, not authorized. I immediately asked to speak to a supervisor. She placed me on hold for 42 MINUTES. Of course I am upset at this point, so I called back.


This time, I got a gentleman that tried explaining to me that the unauthorized charge is similiar to the way a gas station charges you a $1 hold fee. NONSENSE! ATT had already charged the $1 hold, in addition to the $79.49 AND the unauthorized $53.00. Once again, I asked to speak to a supervisor. He told me it would be 2-3 HOURS before one could call me back. Seriously?!


And so...I waited. FOUR HOURS later I got a call back. Another woman that was not only clueless, but rude as well. She explained it was just the way ATT did things. That my $50 card was being shipped seperately, but that it had to be billed as a "hold" ..even though I was charged already for the card in another amount billed. Apparently, this is standard practice for ATT, she explained.

Standard practice? I call this a load of crap. She REFUSED to contact my bank and have the $53.00 hold release, and claimed it was not ATT's policy to do any such thing. And why not? Other merchants that make mistakes are more than willing to contact banks (Best Buy did it for my wife, just last week).

Basically, my response from everyone at ATT was "tough {word filter evasion}, deal with it, this is the way it's done, and no, we will not be releasing the hold, nor will we pay any overdrawn fees as a result of this unauthorized transaction. Have a good day!"


I am sorry, but this is NOT ok, by any means. You cannot charge customers additional amounts (in top of their orders) and claim that it's just the way you do things. Nowhere was it stated that I would be charged an additional amount when I ordered this phone, so telling people that it's just the way things are billed is nonsense. Either fix this method, or make a statement in BOLD writing that you WILL be charging additional unauthorized amounts in the form of a hold, that will take 7-10 days (depending on the customer's bank) to be removed.


HORRIBLE customer service...waiting FOUR HOURS to speak to someone, just so they can brush you off, like your problem is no big deal, and just that...YOUR PROBLEM.


If ATT plans to continue to keep me as a customer, they had better make some attempt to resolve this. And to think, we almost signed up for the new iphone for our son on a two year contract. No way will we be doing that now, at least not with ATT.


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Re: Moore Business Systems Prepay and an unauthorized charge in addition to my order???

Will you please send me a private message with your name, account number, phone number and the best time to contact you?

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Re: Moore Business Systems Prepay and an unauthorized charge in addition to my order???

This same thing happened to me today, what is that charge for, and when will it come off ?  And do I have to wait for that card that hasn't been shipped to use my phone ?  I sure hope not, this is a Christmas gift for my son, and the phone will be here on time, but not the prepaid card.  Very unsatisfied !

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