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Mobile terminated IP address


Mobile terminated IP address

I am looking to include a mobile terminated IP address to my account so that I am able to access web services running on my laptop from the outside. Does anyone know how to do this. In a previous post I read that this can be done by adding an APN called GPMOBILETERM through a customer service rep using the SOC code G821. All the representative could tell me is that the G821 service provides "unlimited tethering" and that it cost 29.99 per month. Does this sound right? If not, does anyone know what department I should call to add this service? Thanks
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Re: Mobile terminated IP address

You need to speak to the business and not consumer service division
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Re: Mobile terminated IP address

that doesn't sound right - G821 is a free add-on from the dev team that allows access to the mobile-term APN called internet (a relic from the att wireless days). it's not really for general consumption, but in the past it wasn't excluded from use by any type of account.

there were reports that the code is now being restricted to developer & business customers only, but i can't confirm that.
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