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What is wrong with the Mobile Video, it will not play. It keeps giving the error "Cannot play video, Sorry, this video cannot be played." This is on all the videos and has been saying this for the last 3 days.

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Re: Mobile Video

My mobile video has done the same thing.  It has not been working for over 2 weeks now.  It will show it is connected but won't play any videos.  I spoke to tech support 2 different tmes and they had me reset my phone and even checked 2 different sim cards.  None of that fixed it, and tried to tell me it was my location, but I told them it had been working up until then.  Finally, the last tech said it was something with mobile video and to try again in 24-48 hours.  That has been over a week ago and it is stll doing the same thing.  If it is no longer going to be available I wish they would just tell us because it is still on their website as available.  It is bad enough CBS is no longer available.  I miss my mobile videos & wish they would just fix it!!!!!!

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