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Is mobile email included in a unlimited data plan? I thought is was until I went to access it on my phone and a message popped up saying there was a monthly fee to use this service.
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Re: Mobile Email

Unfortunately, I believe, when they came out with the new version 3.0, ATT started charing $5 month for the service.  Technically the data for email used is included in your data plan however the service fee for using their program is not.


For free email you would need to use the MEdiaNet version (web/wap based) or install your own email client (depends on the phone and whats available for it).



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Re: Mobile Email

Yes.  Mobile email is included in the unlimited data package.  I'm not sure why you're getting that popup about a monthly fee unless it's just a default reminder that without a data plan you will be charged at the PPU rate for accessing Mobile Email.  There's nothin on the Data Plans page indicating there's a separate fee for the email service.  But I would call CS to double check.
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Re: Mobile Email

Lkc2854 wrote:
Yes.  Mobile email is included in the unlimited data package.

I think there might be some confusion.  Mobile Email is not the use of data for checking mail.  Mobile Email is the Application and Service ATT runs that pulls your email and also has alerts.  Almost like a poor mans version of Push email (If you look at the troubleshooting FAQ it looks like the service is part of OZMAIL).


On the Mobile Email page it states the monthly $5 requirement.  When you go to the download page it also has the price listed.



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Re: Mobile Email

I concur with Planet-Ed, the old Mobile Email is still free and included with a regular data plan, but the new Mobile Email is $5 per month. It does include more email providers, such as Gmail, though.


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