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Mobile Email Communication Error 20


Mobile Email Communication Error 20

I have tried over the past year to get my mobile email to work. I've set up my yahoo account and get notified of emails but when I go to view I get "you have received an email from an unknown account select OK to not receive messages from this account". Also, when I go to Menu-Message-Mobile email it runs JAVA then goes to the different providers. I select Yahoo...for that matter any of them and I get the communication error 20. I have a LG CU515. The mobile email will work for a while then not for days then it works again. Anyone know why this happens? I've searched the forums and I could not find a solution that solved my problem.


Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Mobile Email Communication Error 20

For me, all it took to get past this was to turn my phone off and then back on. Got into e-mail right away after that.

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