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Missing Voicemail Access Number


Missing Voicemail Access Number

Today I went to go check a voicemail I had on my HTC inspire, and did the usual hold 1 to listen.  Nothing happens though. So after about a minute of playing around I realized my voicemail access number was missing. I called support and although the woman was friendly had no clue what I was explaining. She told me to dial my cell phone number and it would work that way. Unfortunatly it doesn't solve the problem of my access number being gone.  If anyone could tell me what the access number is I would greatly appreciate it.


EDIT: I ended up using the chat support and they reset my voicemail box for me. Now it works great again.

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Re: Missing Voicemail Access Number

I had that same problem with my atrix 2, then I found access number online and manually put it in my sim card, so far it hasn't disappeard yet. 

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Re: Missing Voicemail Access Number

How exactly did you find your access number online? I've tried the chat system and it just errors out on me.
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