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MircoCell not working


MircoCell not working

As of late this afternoon my MircoCell stopped working and I was wondering if anyone in the Southwest FL area was having the same problem?  All the lights are on but the  3rd & 5th light are  flashing.  I am hopping it is just something they are working on...  

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Re: MircoCell not working

OK, now all lights are working except the very bottom one is still flashing.
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Re: MircoCell not working

The third light blinking means you're not getting proper GPS reception. Either that, or the device just rebooted and it is still trying to find the satellites. If it stays blinking for longer than 10 minutes after startup, or if it begins to blink after going solid, you should either relocate it, or try an external GPS antenna.


The 5th light blinking for longer than about 20 minutes after the device boots can mean any of a number of problems. It's basically like your car's "check engine" light - it tells you something is wrong, but nothing more than that. And, unfortunately, there's almost nothing you can do to troubleshoot other than call AT&T. And calling AT&T is an exercise in futility because every AT&T employee you talk to will give you a different answer.

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