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Minimum Data Plan


Minimum Data Plan

My girlfriend has recently been having trouble with her phone, and I was going to let her pop her SIM card into my old Blackberry because she couldn't get to the ATT store for a couple of days.  With the Blackberry data plan, I made sure that I checked with the store and they said that even though she doesn't currently have a Blackberry, she could pop her SIM in the phone and use it to call and text in the interim without a data plan.  This morning, after we had put her SIM in the Blackberry, she got a message saying that the phone required a data plan and that ATT had added a minimum plan to her phone for her convenience.  This wasn't something that the rep in the store said was going to happen, and now my girlfriend is worried that she will have to pay for it.  Is there something she can do to deal with this minimum plan they have added?
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Re: Minimum Data Plan

Anytime you add a smartphone (smartphone, blackberry, iPhone) to a line now requires the data plan for the line.  And as you founf out its aotomatically done when the system detects the device and the plan is not there.  The only exception is if they were already on the line before the cutoff dates last year and haven't been removed or swapped.


Once she stops using the Blackberry on the line she will be able to have it removed.  So the plan will only be pro-rated (billed) for the actual days used.


If she doesn't want the data plan she will have to find a non-smartphone device to use in the meantime.


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Re: Minimum Data Plan

Hello Lark,


Almost the exact same thing happened to me. Although my wife had used my old Blackberry for several months until I noticed a charge on our bill. Needless to say, I was extremely unhappy to find $30 in services that I didn't want and didn't authorize. Customer service was unhelpful to say the least as they insisted that I was notified on "Page 1" of my last few bills. After going back and thoroughly checking, there was no notice. We were never notified in store either.


I don't know why they stop at $30; why not add $500 if there's absolutely nothing you can do about it? If anyone finds a resolution to this I would appreciate some direction in this thread. My wife enjoys the Blackberry keypad and OS. The old Edge network is garbage and certainly not worth nearly $400 a year. 



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Re: Minimum Data Plan

"If anyone finds a resolution to this I would appreciate some direction in this thread."


The only resolution is to stop using a BlackBerry. 

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