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Microcell will not activate


Microcell will not activate

My friend's microcell will not activate even after the "fix" of putting in you address again as the secondary address, and then activating this second address.  His microcell is not near a window, and I assume he is not picking up a GPS signal as you are suppose to place this unit near a window (not possible for his setup).  On the assumption that this is his problem, is there a wireless GPS antenna available, or do you have any other suggestions ?

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Re: Microcell will not activate

I wish you would get a reply, because my Microcell will not activate either.  I do get solid green lights for the top 3 including the GPS, but when a technical support person tried to activate, the text message and email said Activation Error 103.  Now when I go to the Activate web page, after entering the SN the next screen ALWAYS read "Web site is temporarily unavailable, try again later".  I have an open ticket with ATT, and the resolution date keeps changing to later and later.  Now they say they acknowledge a "national error problem".  Now that I have searched this web forum, it appears this has been going on over a year.  This is NOT encouraging.



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