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Microcell terrible service


Microcell terrible service

Bought a microcell and ATT contract October 3rd took  a couple weeks to get it up and running since ATT doesn't recognize the correct address. FOund a  hard workong and competent person Kristy Nguyen in Customer support OK City who referred it to a person who got it to recognize correct address.  Worked for about two weeks then down . Made endless calls, on hold forever -- new microcell -- but still won't work.  No one in tech or Customer support will consider referring back to the original people who got it working (Kristy). Instead they  will repeatedly try to reregister.  Now we are nearing the end of December and still I have a microcell that will not recognize the correct address and tech support repeats the same suggestions that have been tried and failed repeatedly. THey referred me to "ICU" a personable individual whose verbal ability seemed to be greater than technical knowledge. NOthing as far as results.  I certainly have not received the service that I paid for and ATT maintains a system that avoids contact with the customers that have been wronged by their failure to provide the service they agreed to provide. After three months of patience it certainly seems like a mistake to have done business with the provider who focusses on billing rather than service,



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