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Microcell stops accepting IP address after about 2 weeks. replacement did same.


Microcell stops accepting IP address after about 2 weeks. replacement did same.

I received a microcell from ATT that worked great - for about two weeks. Then it stopped getting IP addresses.  The power light and GPS light are solid. All other lights flashing alternately. I tried level one support and they told me to make sure all the settings in my router were correct, try connecting directly into my cable modem; directly into my router, etc. (which didn't make sense given I hadn't changed anything). Finally I gave up and took the microcell to an ATT store hoping they'd plug it into their lan to see what happens.  They simply replaced it. Replacement worked like a charm for 2-3 weeks.  Then it too started the same pattern. No IP address, flashing lights, etc.

I have

  • Comcast Internet (w/Motorola modem);
  • Comcast VoIP;
  • a Linksys WRT54GX4 router (most devices connected via wire; only iPhone and occasional laptop use wireless.

Nothing fancy about the network - other than I have a NAS device that I think I gave static addresses around  All other devices get addresses assigned starting at and above. The microcell is typically plugged into a netgear gigabit switch which is hard wired into the router. They both are also plugged into a UPS.

Any help would be appreciated...

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Re: Microcell stops accepting IP address after about 2 weeks. replacement did same.

Can you assign a permanent IP address to the MicroCell based on its MAC address? That's what I had to do with mine and it's been fine. I have a dynamic ADSL2+ connection. However, my network is simpler than yours. The only wired device to my router is the MicroCell, everything else is wireless. Modem -> router -> MicroCell.


MicroCell Technical Guide by Otto Pylot

"Quick Tips: My Microcell Doesn't Work"

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