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Microcell server down in Chicago?


Microcell server down in Chicago?

Just wondering if anyone else in Chicago is having issues with their microcell.


Mine went down around 8 this morning (3-25-11).


I'm not surprised..i've had this microcell for a little over a month now, and it routines goes out at least once a wekk. usually a reboot will fix the issue, but sometimes it can stay down the entire day before working again.



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Re: Microcell server down in Chicago?

I recently got mine in Chicago and also experienced some problems with microcell dropping the connection every now and then. However, this was least of the problems. I had microcell connected to my U-Verse residential gateway and the router got completely confused about that. WiFi connections to the router dropped every 5 minutes. Also, Blackberry and iPhone had their batteries dried in 24 hours when connected to MCell. Eventually I just threw the microcell away. Now I am stuck with 1-2 bars at home but at least WiFi works and batteries last longer.

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Re: Microcell server down in Chicago?

 I've been doing quite a bit of research and i've found that giving the microcell "priority" when it comes to your internet connection, can make a difference. With your microcell connected directly to your modem, and then passing the internet connectionon to your router (through the microcell) might alleviate the "confusion" your devices are facing. As for the battery issue, my assumption would be your devices are switching between the microcell and the low tower signal you get in your area. You mentioned one to two bars and that might be the reason your phones are showing significant battery drain. 


Just as an update, my microcell started working on its own again. It was out for over 24 hours...for no apparent reason. I guess this is something we just have to deal with...when it comes to ATT.

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