Microcell quit working-3G lights flashes away

Microcell quit working-3G lights flashes away

After working mostly perfectly for a few months, all of a sudden my Microcell quit.  Had a thunderstorm last PM but nothing else went out so I don't think that is the problem. 




Comcast Cable 19.+ MBPS download Speed

Apple Extreme Dual Band Wireless Router (yellow cable to ethernet port 2)

Microcell cable input in ethernet port. 


Followed the instructions and re-booted everything and let them all sync up  before connecting the Micocell. 


Green Power light and ethernet light come on immediately. 

30 secs in, GPS light and 3G light blink on and off. 

3 mins in, GPS light goes solid but after 30 mins, 3G light still blinking away. 


Did tiny button re-set, no joy, 

Tried cabling direct to cable modem bypass the router, no joy. 


About 1 1/2 hours on phone with At&t support-really no joy. 





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Re: Microcell quit working-3G lights flashes away

How does one: "do port forwarding assigning a permanent IP address to the MicroCell via the MAC address"?

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Re: Microcell quit working-3G lights flashes away

Your router should have a place where you can list the mac address of the MicroCell (found on the bottom of the unit) and give it an IP address that you want to be assigned every time the DCHP lease expires. If you give us the make and model of the router, we might be able to help a bit more.
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