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Microcell no longer handling data!?


Microcell no longer handling data!?

My wife and I have been unable to send and recieve MMS while at home and attached to the M-Cell for around a week.  I had this same problem when I first got the M-Cell - it's the most obvious sign of a lack of 3G data connection because MMS is the only thing that won't go over wifi.  Back then (springtime) I lucked onto an AT&T tech who put me on hold for about twenty minutes , worked his magic and somehow got the data working.  


So this time I finally got around to calling (after all the usual troubleshooting - rebooting network hardware, confirming connectivity, connecting the M-Cell directly to router, etc.) AT&T, the CSR put in a case and I got a call back from a tech an hour or so later.  In addition to badmouthing the CSR for "not knowing what she was doing" and saying repeatedly "this should not be a case" because she should have "educated" me that the Microcellis not a data device.  After I "educated" him that the Microcell was, until recently, a perfectly capable data device, he told me that Cisco had updated the M-Cell hardware "sometime recently" and that update killed data handling.  In other words, the Microcell would only handle voice now.  


He went on to explain to me how I should just use wifi, yadda yadda, until I explained that that would be fine if the phone would send MMS over wifi.  He finally saw the light (that I was actually experiencing a net *loss* of functionality with the M-cell) and agreed to send the case to network services.  


So, apologies for the novel, but has anyone else heard or can confirm this?  And if so, is there any way around turning off my M-cell to be able to send MMS!?  Never mind that signal here is junk, which is why I have the M-cell in the first place.

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Re: Microcell no longer handling data!?

Now I'm kind of ticked.  Either that tech was very, very confused, or he flat-out lied to me.  I just disconnected and re-activated my MicroCell (as suggested here and, whaddyaknow, data is back.  


I did notice that, with the reconnection, my phone got a new IP address on the 3G connection whereas, with all the disconnecting and reconnecting and rebooting before it kept pulling the same address.  Not sure if that's just a symptom or related to the cause?  

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Re: Microcell no longer handling data!? what Brand?

help us help you... what type of phone is that?

Do you have the same data problem with all your cellphones all just one in particular?


Any trouble making/receiving/drop calls?

Did you have any street cell reception indoor before installing the Cisco uCell?


Pls let us know


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Re: Microcell no longer handling data!? what Brand?

I was not looking for generic help, and none of those questions you asked has any relevance to my question, which was simple: do AT&T microcells no longer handle data?


And the only reason I asked is that that's what the AT&T tech claimed (and in quite a bit of detail, I might add).  I found the answer myself after some more troubleshooting, and the answer is that, as I said above, they do still handle data and the guy was either confused of just making up an very intricate and involved lie for some reason I can't begin to fathom.

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Re: Microcell no longer handling data!? what Brand?

Sorry as I jumped too far.  If you are experiencing data connectivity issues you are likely experiencing voice issues as well...


To your point:

I can send MMS (sloww!), SMS and get 3G Internet service (semi fast) on my uCell.





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