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Microcell and iPhone visual voicemail


Microcell and iPhone visual voicemail

is horrible! It takes FOREVER to download a voicemail. I have to switch to edge so I can get my voicemails in less than 5-10 minutes. As far as I know there is no wifi cure for that. Anybody else having this problem and are there any fixes?



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Re: Microcell and iPhone visual voicemail

You scared me so I just called my iphone 4 (which is connected to the MC) from my hardline.  I got the voicemail in about 25 seconds after I hang up.  

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Re: Microcell and iPhone visual voicemail

I think what he's saying is that using the visual voicemail feature it takes a long time to play a voicemail message.


I haven't seen that symptom, myself.


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Re: Microcell and iPhone visual voicemail

Yes, I get the notification right away, but it takes forever (5-10 minutes) before the messsage is fully downloaded to the phone. If I switch to edge I get the message faster.



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Re: Microcell and iPhone visual voicemail

Its been and hour and voicemails still dont come through at times when I am on our Microcell. This issue has been going on ever since we brought up our microcell.



I am using a iPhone 4. Bonded T1 dedicated line with plenty of bandwidth. Version 4.2.1. IOS.

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Re: Microcell and iPhone visual voicemail

Only had  the mc for a short time and haven't had any voicemails come through so I just did an experiment and called my phone with my wifes phone and left a message.  Had it and played it in less than 10 seconds on my iphone 4.

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Re: Microcell and iPhone visual voicemail

Visual voicemail and the iPhone were working for me just fine, and sending photos via SMS thru the Microcell was not.


NOW, as of late, photos can be sent via SMS and the 3G Microcell, but visual voicemail on my iPhone has stopped working.


I have to cycle the power on the 3G Microcell so my phone switches to my poor AT&T signal ... then voicemail shows up on my iPhone.  Then, regardless if I'm on the 3G Microcell or AT&T's cell tower, I can access my voicemails.


If I have to have one or the other, I'd like visual voicemail back to working via the Microcell.


Is anyone from AT&T reading this thread????

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Re: Microcell and iPhone visual voicemail

no one from at&t is reading this entire forum. its a customer to customer based forum.
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Re: Microcell and iPhone visual voicemail

Oddly, when I posted a few months ago about photos not working in SMS over the 3G uCell, it started working a few days later.


Now, after posting here the other day, my visual voicemail over the 3G uCell appears to be working, again.


(I think someone IS reading these threads Smiley Tongue)

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