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Microcell and Hughesnet and Wildblue(Viasat)


Microcell and Hughesnet and Wildblue(Viasat)

Ok.. for all to know from my personal experience.  YES, a microcell will work with Hughesnet with LIMITED use.  I was able to register and activate my microcell on the Hughesnet system for over a year.  I needed it strictly for sending and receiving text and MMS messages.  As for voice calls,  NO! There is a 2-3 second delay on calls.   But it gave me my full 5 bars of service on my phone and was to do everything but send/recv calls.  

I recently switched to Viasat formerly known as wildblue for a faster service. But the down side is that my microcell did not work with that type of system.  I could never get it to activiate.  But it was a good trade off for my faster internet.  I'll just get a Wilson dual band pro booster for my phone now. 

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