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Microcell Losing Signal dropping calls


Microcell Losing Signal dropping calls

I really do not see the use in this board.From what I see noone has the anwser's for WHY the microcell tower is not working.I'm getting dropped called everyday all day long.For two months now I have had to pay over usage for not having wi-fi work because of this issue.I love my iphone but can not wait until my contract is up to leave AT&T one more year.I have even thought about paying to drop contract and leaving AT&T  Microcell does not work at all .I get no service where I'm at.I have called so many times to AT&T and they blame it on everything except there services.

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Re: Microcell Losing Signal dropping calls

Happened to me too. AT&T says Cisco, which makes Micro Cell, introduced some software change and it causes problems with iPhones on OS5.
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