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Microcell Billing Question


Microcell Billing Question

I understand that if I purchase the Microcell plan for $19.99 I will have unlimited service for all calls generated from the microcell. I am currently have the 1500 minute family plan and recently have been exceeding 1500 minutes thus incurrage overage fees. The majority of my usage is from my home office where my microcell would be located. My question is how will my total usage be calculated. In other words. If I total 1700 minutes for the month with 1400 of them generated from the microcell, will I go over my plan even tho I only used 300 minutes away from the microcell?  Thanks in advance! Bill 

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Re: Microcell Billing Question

I believe the way the plan works is that if you opt for the additional $20 per month, any calls made via the MicroCell will not go against your family plan. At least that's my understanding. Our family plan is a grandfathered plan from PacBell/Cingular with 1700 minutes but we never go over that amount so I opted not to spend another $20/month for AT&T.

Call somebody in the billing department (not support!) and ask them specifically how it works.

MicroCell Technical Guide by Otto Pylot

"Quick Tips: My Microcell Doesn't Work"

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Re: Microcell Billing Question

That's exactly how it works. If you place OR receive a call while your phone has the "MCell" badge on it, the minutes go into a separate, unlimited bucket on your bill. When we were still AT&T customers, my wife put 800+ minutes on our Microcell from home. We were able to shift down to the 700 minute plan and had over 4000 rollover minutes when we left.
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