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I just updated (iOS 5.0) my iPhone4 now I can't access the MicroCell.

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Re: MicroCell

dapeterson2 wrote:

I just updated (iOS 5.0) my iPhone4 now I can't access the MicroCell.

Others have experienced the same with iPhone4s. They don't play nice with the MicroCell and there is apparently a "fix" in the works (Cisco blames AT&T, AT&T blames Cisco and they both blame Apple). Some have had luck resetting.


MicroCell Technical Guide by Otto Pylot

"Quick Tips: My Microcell Doesn't Work"

I am not an AT&T employee. For additional help, please send a PM to ATTMobilityCare

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Re: MicroCell okay with i4S (unlikely an iOS5 issue)

I can confirm I've got iphone4S (iOS5) working fine on my setup. So it is unlikely the update to iOS5 causing this issue. Perhaps iPhone4 exacerbates uCells problems because of known weak antennae reception. It could be that the iOS5 uses 3G data more often that previous release for its numerous on-line data fetchings and since the uCell does not work well it causes a bigger mess than previous iOS.


In my book, the iPhone4S has a top notch signal reception even in difficult/remote macroCell locations.


- Did your iP4 work near perfect solid with your uCell before the iOS update or a little flaky at times?


- Do you get any street MacroCell signal indoor interacting with you uCell or are you so far away that you get NO street tower indoor at your location??


Pls let us know.


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Re: MicroCell

I vote for issue lays in Cisco's court.
ATT has an existing network of GSM towers and called upon Cisco to integrate a new piece of gear in its system.
Based on my unch, the problem is with the new piece of gear by Cisco not the existing ATT rework barking at the uCell.

The radio design Cisco puts in this uCells was sick from the bench even before being released - The design integration phase was jumped over... The initial bid was cheap, they got the business but now Cisco wants more money to work out a fix but ATT is bleading upset customers.


Whose fold was that?

The beans counters making cheap business decisions that end up costing millions! No problem they cashed in fat bonuses long ago - All is well: we'll just blame it on the modem/router guys.


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Re: MicroCell okay with i4S (unlikely an iOS5 issue)

I started having this problem after iOS5 update without a doubt.  I have done some testing.  When my phone is in searching, it will still receive phone calls.  I have also discovered that when it is searching, if I make a txt or a phone call it immediately shows that I'm connected to the microcell.  It almost acts like the phone is connected to the microcell but the phone is just not  displaying the fact that its connected  correctly. 

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