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MicroCell not working.


MicroCell not working.

After two days of phones calls and returning the first MicroCell the thing finally works. The first day I spent over an hour on the phone with no fix on my problem. After AT&T could not help me they told me to return it for a new unit thinking it was defective, I don't think it was defective. After getting the new unit I followed the steps for set up, and neither my iPhone 4 or my wifes iPhone 3 would discover the MicroCell. After getting home from work I pulled the sim out of the iPhone 3 and put it in the old LG Vue and it instantly picked up the MicroCell. I still had no luck with putting the sim card back in the iPhone 3 or with my iPhone 4. I then went in to my account and disconnected and registered the unit 2 times, after a couple of minutes all the lights on the unit had turned solid, then I turned both phones off completely. I waited about 30 mins and put the sim back in the LG Vue and it worked, then I powered on the iphone 4 and it was working on the MicroCell. After that I put the sim back in the iphone 3 and powered it on and it works on the MicroCell now. When I leave the house it will not connect unless I go to airplane mode and then it will reconnect. 


I think issues are, following directions on set up


Giving it some time to properly activate, even if the lights are all on it may not be ready.





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