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MicroCell fail after 2 years


MicroCell fail after 2 years

Weird.  Had a miserable time getting my MicroCell to work when I first got it.  My address not being in there GPS mapping program etc. but once I got it to work it preformed flawlessly for almost 2 years.


With nothing else changing the system went down and refuses to come back on line.  Power works, GPS lock, but the computer and activity light (assuming that is what the bottom light is) aren't doing much of anything.

Charter cable, airport extreme.  


Before I go through the pain of calling customer service has anyone had a MicroCell fail?

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Re: MicroCell fail after 2 years

No, but there have been outages on ATT's end. I know there were growing pains in my service area. A sales rep at the ATT store told me they had to quadruple capacity to handle how many there were. I experienced several outages during that time. In any case I'd unplug and replug the cat 5 cables and reboot the modem & router just to be sure it's really dead. 

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Re: MicroCell fail after 2 years

Tried that about 10 times.  Once it came back for a few hours and then stopped working.  New cable, different port, nothing seems to be able to bring it back on line.  I should have some time later today and I plan on going through the re-registration process and after that a call to support.  I dread the call from my previous experiences, they are clueless, you end up knowing more than they do and it becomes a test of wills to get it kicked up their food chain.  


Super happy with the MicroCell when it was working, and to be fair it worked for long time but with zero coverage on top of a hill in a supposed 3G coverage area it is frustrating without it.

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Re: MicroCell fail after 2 years

I have had the exact same problem.  Worked great for over 2 years.


Called support: 

Replaced my SIM card.  Did not help. 

Reset my my Microcell: Did not help

Support raised to level 3 and never got a call back

Called support again, raised to level 4; no call back.


Last Support rep suggested that the microcell was transferring my calls to a nearby tower as if it was a typical cell tower.  I'm also having the battery drain issue on my Samsung Focus S.  Other iPhones in the home have not experienced this battery drain.


I'm not sure what's happened, but something has definitely changed and AT&T is not acknowledging.



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Re: MicroCell fail after 2 years

Im having the same trouble. Have been on phone with Microcell Mobility Dept off and on for 3 weeks. Have deactivated & activited several times. Will work for a couple days and then the 3g lights starts flashing red. They told me to contact att fast access and get them to open the 443 ports on my 2wire, gateway. I did that and it still doesn't work. Now they are saying that my microcell needs replacing and that I have to go to a ATT store and pay $199 for new one. I can't believe I am having to pay them for reception. My work phone is Verizon and I can sit in my chair and use it without MicrCell.

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Re: MicroCell fail after 2 years

Bad to completely unacceptable (again) or MicroCell Deja vu


I have a 4 line BusinessDirect Premier account and after discussing my MicroCell problem with an AT&T rep they agreed to send me a replacement MicroCell at no cost.  


Unit arrived last night.


Tried to activate it today.  

The activation process would not accept the serial number on the new MicroCell.

Called Customer Service.  Waited 10 minutes to talk to someone, actually not too bad.

Customer Service could not activate the MicroCell because the Serial Number on my new AT&T MICROCELL is not in THEIR system. 


I now have a "case #" and AT&T is supposed to call me when they get around to managing their inventory and enter the serial number in their system.


This is hilarious.

They asked me when I wanted them to call me.

I said in an hour would be good.

They said, actually it won't be this weekend.

I said, fine how about Monday morning at 9:00 AM?

(Pause, on hold, return.)

Actually, we can't give you a time or an actual date.

I said I wasn't surprised, they took my email and will leave me a voicemail on contacting them when they figure out how to manage serial numbers.  


This is not my first rodeo with AT&T.  I went through this when I first got it almost two years ago.  About a month to get everything set up and my address in their GPS system.  They are a company where no one seems in charge, no one has the tools to do their job and wasting their customers time is a business philosophy.  Like a lot of other people I reluctantly chose AT&T because of the iPhone.  Ironic that a company with the worst customer service in their industry would be paired with a company with the best customer service in theirs.  





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Re: MicroCell fail after 2 years

Hello j2nh,


It appears that you need assistance for a business related service.  These forums are primarily for consumer products and services.


I would suggest posting the same message in the AT&T Business Community.  You should get a quicker response there.



Remember to always mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution. You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will help other users find this information too!  Use the Kudos Button to offer a thumbs-up for good content.

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Re: MicroCell fail after 2 years

Thanks Phil-101.

I will do just that.  With the Microcell it really doesn't matter what kind of account you have.  The registration and activation uses the same process and same tech support.  

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Re: MicroCell fail after 2 years

I too am haveing the exact same problem.  Over a year and change there was no issue with the microcell at all.  I even started using the cell phone as my home phone.  Things were great.  Then all of a sudden starting at the end of December my microcell would not stay connected.  It was also near impossible for me to get setup.  Multiple support calls and they ended up telling me that it's dead and I have to buy a new one at $200 as my warranty is over.  I recieved this for free from at&t without requesting it, but have become so used to it.  
I decided to mess with this over the last week, and I found that I can get the microcell to join again, but it would  only stay active for 6-10 hours and then it fails again.  To get it back online I just reseat the cable.  I have tried connecting this directly to my cable modem, different cables switchports and routers.  I get the same behavior constantly.  There is obviously something on the AT&T side that has changed due to all the similar comments below.  And they want me to spend money on somthing that isn't broken.  I need a resolution here that does not involve me buying another microcell that will just fail.


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Re: MicroCell fail after 2 years

I have had similar issues with my microcell.  It took me about 3 months of complaining to finally get a microcell for free.  They mailed it to me and I tried to set it up and it would not get a GPS signal.  Its funny because when I was told about the microcell they said, you just plug it into your modem and it works like a "mini cell tower" in your house.  They never mentioned the fact that it requires a constant GPS signal to work.  I tried all the windows in my house... No luck.  I finally had to run a 50FT extension cord and ethernet cord out to my backyard to my grill in order to get a good GPS signal.  Talk about tacky.  I finally got it all connected and it constantly goes in and out of service.  So badly, that I just unplugged everything and put it in my closet where it has set for about a year now.  Sure glad I didn't have to pay for it.  It really sucks because my bill for 2 lines with unlimited data, voice, and text is $230/mo and I don't get service at home, at work, and the drive between is spotty at best.  I am thrilled that my money is paying for such great service.  And, if I complain enough to cust. serv. I can get a $50 courtesy credit every other month or so.  Sigh.

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