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MicroCell connected but does not transmit signal to iPhones...


MicroCell connected but does not transmit signal to iPhones...

After thirteen months of working well about 95% of the time (I posted elsewhere about what a nightmare it was to get it to work to begin with) our Micro Cell has inexplicably stopped working. It is appears that none of our iPhones can find it, even though all the lights are green and all of the settings are fine. The M-Cell icon on the phones has left the building, maybe this time for good?? I spent several hours today troubleshooting on my own and over the phone with my ISP...but no avail. After doing the obvious (checking cables, powering up and down several times, yadda yadda yadda) I reluctantly placed a call to AT&T for help. Of course, after doing all the yadda yadda yadda steps (again) with the tech, I am still without the ability to connect to the MicroCell. I was given a ticket number and then told that I would have to wait (**sigh**) for them to call me back to tell me what's going on with it...if they even know themselves. I suspect a hardware issue: namely that the antenna it uses to communicate with cell phones has failed. It figures that the one year warranty has just expired (**double sigh**). If that's true, it's sad to think a device could fail in such a short amount of time. Will post if and when, issue becomes resolved. Chances are this is not going to be an isolated incident, based on all the trouble that others have had. It's a pity that all of this technology is so finnicky and in turn, unreliable (**triple sigh**). ;/

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Re: MicroCell connected but does not transmit signal to iPhones...

Our MicroCell worked very well for about a year, both my wife's Blackberry and my iPhone, via premium work accounts. These are our work phones. We are both doctors and rely on the phones to take calls at night. There is no ATT reception at our house (in Los Angeles, believe it or not).

Several weeks ago the microcell just suddenly stopped working, for no reason either of us could determine. We didn't change anything in our internet setup or cell phone service, didn't move the device from where it had been functioning - nothing. It just quit. Have rebooted etc multiple times, rebooted the router it plugs into, etc and it simply will not boot all the lights up on the front. Our phones used to say ATT M-Cell when we came home; now nothing. Basically we are hosed out of $199 and now have yet another paperweight. Trying to get support is futile. Completely unsupported piece of equipment. Thankfully we have the good old land line, and pagers, even though much of what we do is via text message and thus not possible now from home. Big deal for us, but not for ATT apparently. If you are considering shelling out for one of these devices, run away - fast.
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Re: MicroCell connected but does not transmit signal to iPhones...

If you have an iPad, please see my other post.
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Re: MicroCell connected but does not transmit signal to iPhones...

Our MicroCell has awakened from its "coma". I give thanks to whomever or however it has resumed operation. Yay! That said, I concur with other forum posters that the lack of knowledge from AT&T as to the why and the how is indeed very frustrating...

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