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MicroCell but slow data


MicroCell but slow data

I was dropping calls in my home.  Spent over a year to get someone to listen to my problem.  Finally AT&T admit we have a weak signal in aprts of Oklahoma City limits.  I now have a MicroCell installed.  I am keeping my calls although it takes about 5 minutes for the MicroCell to install every time I turn on my wireless 3G phone.

Now data is so slow almost nithing works.  The AT&T application, "Mark the Spot" will not even send the data that I can not send data.

I reinstalled the MicroCell according to the troubleshooting instructions - this takes a good 30 minutes.  MicroCell is on the window ledge as instructed and connected to the AT&T router. 

Advised we will have a new tower installed by 3rd quarter of 2011.  Was advised this almost a year ago to be installed by December 2010.  Now lucky if we see it December 2011.  Does anyone believe this will really help the problem?

My 3G works better in the ozark hills of Springfield, MO., and Branson, MO. than in the city limits of Oklahoma City.


Is there such a thing as a realy antenns booster for the 3G?

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Re: MicroCell but slow data

Well, please be advised, that Microcell works with your existing broadband internet collection. The slow data from your Microcell would have nothing to do with AT&T, but rather your internet service. I would give them a call, and see exactly what's going on.
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Re: MicroCell but slow data

That's not entirely true. The Microcell caps your data upload rate at about 100-150 kbps. That's enough to also have an impact on how fast you can download data with TCP.

If you can, you should use WiFi instead of the microcell for data. Not only is in not annoyingly slow, but it will have better latency and be unmeasured as well.
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