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Micro usb for samsung mythic


Micro usb for samsung mythic

Any one know the micro usb headset can listen music and hand free talk?

The 3.5 mm jack will work for listen music only, not talk.

If you have this product plase tell me to buy it.



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Re: Micro usb for samsung mythic

I use this one and like it. 


Samsung SGH-A797 Flight Headset, Samsung SGH-A897 Mythic Headset (Product Sku: HF12435)

This Samsung brand Samsung  SGH-A897 headset allows you to listen to music in privacy. It's lightweight and comfortable design allows you to carry on conversations while doing other things.

Convenient one touch button answers/ends calls as well as initiates the voice activated dialing feature. Works with Samsung phones with Micro USB ports that stereo headsets such as  Samsung SGH-A897 Mythic.

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