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Message with photo verifies that it was sent successfully but never receieved


Message with photo verifies that it was sent successfully but never receieved

I have a new Pantech Ease (refurbished) I was forced to get a new phone and plan by ATT because mine was old (Nokia 3585) and they were not supporting that old technology well all I can say is if this is new technology I am not impressed, my old phone battery would last 3 days this one won't make it thru the day (and it does not matter if I talk or not) and I if I get more than 3 bars its special my old phone had full bars all the time.  I have replaced the Sims card  they said that would make things bettter well guess what no changes I have a limited warranty to return this phone if it is defective since its refurbished and I don't know if  these problems are the phone or ATT (oh I am sure they will not be ATT it never is LOL).I did not want or need a 3G phone and it really burns me up they force me to get something I do not want, then charge me a activation fee when they forced me to get a new phone and plan really burns me up when I have been a customer since 2004.


 Its been one hassle after another NOW I just got a text that was just a photo I wanted to forward it and I did several times and the other people never got it I even went as far as saving the photo and then making a new message and once again it says it was sent successfully but they never get it (thank goodness I am not being charged by the message) can anyone tell me what I need to do about this. I have the unlimited text so it should do photo's. Any ideas or suggestions?


This has been the biggest hassle between trips to the ATT Store, online chats with Customer Service and searching the internet and don't get me started on the useless Pantech Ease User Guide.  All the people I have talked with have been very nice.


Does anyone have a suggestion for why these messages with photo's are saying sent successfully but they are never arriving? 

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Re: Message with photo verifies that it was sent successfully but never receieved

issue is probably with the recipient. tech support can see if the other person received it by the carrier and determine which end is havingthe issue
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