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Media file transfers


Media file transfers

I am using a BES sync to my Pearl for business, so how do I transfer media files, such as music, to the phone?
I was told not to use Desktop Sync software since this would corrupt my BES setup.
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Re: Media file transfers

Well, if you can't use the DM, then just set your media card to Mass storage so your computer will see it as a separate "drive." Open up your My Computer and you should see an E drive or something new, double click it and it should have a folder that says Blackberry, double click it and then you should see Music, Video, Graphics, and Ringtones. Move any songs you want on your playlist to Music and any songs you want as ringtones to Ringtones. Just copy and paste from PC to the folder.
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Re: Media file transfers

DM shouldn't corrupt your BES settings. I use it all the time with no problems. You just have to select Blackberry Enterprise Server during installation.
If you do decide to not install DM, be sure to format the card in the phone. Otherwise the folder structure won't be set up.

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Re: Media file transfers


I tried this, but after I copied over 7 albums, I could only see 3 of them through the Music Player application on the Phone.  I could see all of them if, in the Media Play application, I pulled up the menu and selected the Explore option, and navigated to the media card.  But I couldn't see them through the Music Player app (through the Artist, Album, Genres lists).

I deleted all of the songs off of the card, but the Music Application still shows them on the various lists, but it won't play them (of course, because they're gone).

Is there anyway to get that application to understand what is on the media card and what is not, when you are transferring the media files to the media card directly?
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