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Downloaded without problem.

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Re: Mango

I've read a couple of different versions about how to force the Mango update, and they sound confusing to me. I think it might be wiser for me to just wait til it's released for my phone. What sounds confusing is the part about unplugging the cable/Internet, then plugging it back in. I think one site mentions unplugging the cable, but not sure if they mean the cable connecting the phone to the computer, or the Internet itself. Any more light shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Mango

There is only one way to do it: unplug the ethernet cable from your PC. If your PC is using wireless to connect to internet, it most likely won't work because killing wireless connection adds a little delay which will likely exceeds the tiny window (between 1 and 2 seconds after you click on check for update in Zune software) for this trick to work.

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Re: Mango

I may wind up trying that. After reading about all the additions and changes coming with this update, I'm not sure if I can wait. Lol.

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Re: Mango

I found that if you are using 'Satellite internet' service you need to wait 4-5 seconds before you unplug the Ethernet cable, more than likely due to the latency issue with Satellite internet services.  I tried the 1-2 seconds numerous times then finally remembered the latency problem.  Not sure if all Satellite services are the same but that's what I needed to do with HughesNet.  Its a very large download, I'm guessing around 200mb and takes some time to completely load onto the phone.  I already had the 7390 update so needed to get the 7392 first.  Once the 7392 update was done I had to force the update again to get the 7403 & 7720 to go. 

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Re: Mango

In reality, each user has to find the right time to unplug the cable via trial and error.  Some people report having to wait 15 to 20 seconds before unpluging the computers internet cable.  Ultimately, you'll always know onve you've waited too long because the "you're phone is up to date" message will appear.

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