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Man Im LeavingI

Man Im LeavingI

I got to say that ATT dialup is much better than this... I mean for these reasons:

(1). Wireless Card just stinks

I mean sometimes it says "No device found" and you would have to un-plug it and re-plug and retry. Another thing is randomly disconnecting, it really makes me mad in Guild Wars. I like the downloading speed but the uploading stinks. Even though I always get 5 stars EDGE, my speed is always 12-25kbps and my dialup was at least 5kbps. Anther thing bad about it, it is not reliable. I would not recommend using it for important training courses and online games such as Guild Wars. My wireless card is USBConnect 881. I hate it. Oh yea another thing, is random dropouts(which means: Going to a webpage and it auto-stopping). I always have good connection.

(2) Dialup > EDGE Wireless

A lot of times I don't have problems with dialup and its pretty fast. In other hand the Wireless has a lot of problems.

Good thing, I'm under 30-day free trial so i'm definitely NOT signing the contract!
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Re: Man Im LeavingI

Sorry to hear of the troubles.  If you decide to try another carriers wireless service, make sure that they have the fastest speeds available in the area that you will be most using the card.  I am sure that all will have coverage maps on their web sites, but I have read on this forum that the coverage maps on the ATT site are not always correct, so best to call the customer care to be sure. 
Hard to say for sure, but I think your impressions would be somewhat different if you had 3G speed with your ATT service.
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