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Mailbox download error (41)


Re: Mailbox download error (41)

here's what's going to happen:  no one will give you a good answer.  hotmail will blame it on your service provider.  your service provider will blame it on your phone manufacturer....then one day, out of the clear blue, it will start working again.  it may be 3 days from may be 6 weeks. 

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Re: Mailbox download error (41)

I can live with not being able to get my emails. The real problem is I keep getting this alert to launch mobile email which has now become very annoying. Since I deleted the aol account on the phone and I am told I must get it back on to go on and tell it to not send alerts what do I do since code 41 won't let me set it back up. Must I throw the phone away? The alert to launch mobile email is the real problem. Right now I am keeping the phone on silent so I don't have to keep looking at phone when the alert comes in wondering if it is a text or the stupid alert.

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Re: Mailbox download error (41)

If it really is xpressmail that is giving the error you'll have to reset your phone since you can't add the account back on to change the settings
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Re: Mailbox download error (41)

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