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Macbook Pro: "Express Cards-- wherefor art thou Express cards?" AND more...


Macbook Pro: "Express Cards-- wherefor art thou Express cards?" AND more...

I read a lot about the the problems people were having with the Macbook Pro (with OS 10.5) and finding an Express card.  I finally bought a used Option GT MAX 3.6 Express.  After 2 days of pulling my hair out and many hours of useless ATT customer support I finally got it to work with Globetrotter.  I hate it!  I never did get it to work through the auto detect Mac driver thingy (technical term).  I have never gotten a good signal with this card.  I even bought a 40 inch Wilson external antenna and still could not max out my bars for a signal. Slow, slow, slow!
I have a PC with a Sierra Wireless 860 that works wonderful (accept for dropped connections).  The signal strenth is great and fantastic with my antenna.

Does anyone know when the Sierra Wireless 881 Express card will come out?
Or if we can buy the card from the manufacturer and just put our SIM in it?
Any news on how well the 881 works?
Any news on Mac compatibility with the Sierra 881 Express?

I don't want the 881 USB as I have read it was a little bulky, not as fast as the Express slot and I NEED an external antenna jack for my traveling.

There is supposed to be a PC card to Express card adapter.  I don't know how good it works.  Any one used this adapter yet?

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Re: Macbook Pro: "Express Cards-- wherefor art thou Express cards?" AND more...

I am currently using the 881 USB and latest version of the 3G Watcher with a MacBook pro and have been quite happy with it.  The speeds are very capable and I use it both within the 3G network and on EDGE where I live.

The Globetrotter software and two new GT Max express cards worked fine when I set them up just the other day.  You may want to visit a store and ask them to do a "Card Push" if you haven't to ensure the all the proper over the air programming has been received.  I have sometimes swapped out a new SIM card and processed the OTA through a terminal attached SIM Card reader.

The last thing is to make sure you have the latest version of the globetrotter firmware and software found here;

Best of luck!  Feel free to message me for additional info or suggestions.

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Re: Macbook Pro: "Express Cards-- wherefor art thou Express cards?" AND more...

Why don't you just get the Linksys WRT54G3G-AT and a Sierra Wireless 875 or 881 (requires firmware update to router) and go that route instead of trying one of the current Express cards in your MacBook Pro? I have a new MBP and that's what I'm going to do. Option GT cards are poor performers in my opinion compared to Sierra Wireless and with a wireless broadband router you can just connect just like you would any other wireless router with the WiFi card in your MBP. It will just see it as a wireless network.
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Re: Macbook Pro: "Express Cards-- wherefor art thou Express cards?" AND more...

Since posting this subject I have been using the Option Express card.  It does not show the same signal stregth as the Sierra but it does seem to do well with speed, although it does not seem to be as fast as the Option in 3G areas.  On BIG plus to the Option Express is that it holds a signal no matter what-- the Sierra seems to constantly lose the signal and then will not reaquire it without shutting down the card and reopening it.
As for the router, I do not use one.  I use my card for travelling purposes.
Thank for your input.
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