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MPX-220 back in use - is FastForward supported?


MPX-220 back in use - is FastForward supported?

I have not had cell phone service in a few years due to a bad accident that I suffered. But I have just recently re-activated my Motorola MPX-220 phone as a Go Phone on AT&T. My question is ... is the FastForward feature that this phone had in the past supported by the AT&T?


In the past, I always used this feature to forward calls to my landline phone automatically whenever my phone was put in the Cingular charger stand. The charger stand that I have has a green light titled Forward that lights up when you put the phone in the stand. And, as it says to do in the instructions (which are also labeled Cingular), I have set up a SIM contact CF1 with my home phone # that will be forwarded to.


But it doesn't seem to forward. Has this service been dropped by AT&T? I hope not!

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Re: MPX-220 back in use - is FastForward supported?

Fast Forward was discontinued years ago. If you have it on the account, you can keep it, but you can't add it. I have it and still use it.


Fast Forward works with any phone.

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